If you're not "Peeing PURPLE", you're most likely in... #cheatosis

NO! You don't literally "pee" purple... But if you're serious about succeeding with ketosis then you need to know your numbers and know if your body is using ketones as its fuel.
One of the best ways of doing that is by using ketone test strips. If you pee on the strip and it turns purple, CONGRATULATIONS, you're in ketosis. If it stays pink or yellow, then you're in #cheatosis.

Frappaketo can help you fix that!

Struggles and Challenges of Ketosis include:

1) Ketosis is a FAT dependent diet. Most people fail to attain an optimal ketosis state because their ration of fat to protein is TOO LOW. If you don't consume enough of the (right) fats, you'll never attain the results possible with true "keto".

Frappaketo not only incorporates the most potent C8 MCT (multi chain triglyceride) oil into our shakes but also at the perfect 1.7 to 1, fat to protein ratio.

2) Your body gets all the energy it needs from burning fats, but that doesn't stop your brain from craving something sweet from time to time. A lack of sweet options is the #1 complaint from people living a keto lifestyle.

Our Stevia blend, native to South America has been enzyme treated to not only remove any bitter steviocides, which means it tastes great and provides your brain with that sweet fix that it so desperately craves..

3) For a lot of us "doing keto", bacon, eggs, meat, poultry and seafood are our main staples. Many of the best tasting keto foods require cooking. But what do you do when you're out and about? What do you when the kids are screaming for their meal and you're already running 30 minutes late?

Let's face it we all live busy lives. We don't always have time to cook and you can only eat so much cheese and nuts....

That's where Frappaketo is a true life saver. Just add water and KAZAM! you have a ready-to-drink full meal that not only provides the perfect balance of fat, protein and ketone-friendly carbs, but it tastes so amazing you can't believe you're not cheating.