Benefits & Results

Consuming a keto diet can certainly be delicious. Who doesn't love meat, poultry, seafood, cheese, avocados, olive and coconut oil....

But sadly, many of these foods don't transport well in a lunch bag and aren't quick and convenient when you're on the run. The foods that are quick and easy, are usually high in carbs. And just that one meal or snack "cheat" can kick you completely out of ketosis and cost you 2-3 days before you work yourself back in.

Frappaketo is the perfect solution for a delicious high fat, low carb meal-on-the-run.

It also serves as the perfect sweet-tooth solution and can be consumed as the delicious decadent dessert that so many of us on keto crave!

Frappaketo is your keto lifeline when it comes to a last minute meal or a sweet fix craving. Frappaketo is the saving shake that is going to keep you out of #cheatosis and in the steady fat burn of ketosis.

    • A Complete Ketogenic Meal Replacement (or dessert!)

    • 23g of Fat providing Clean Efficient Energy

    • Powerful Fuel Source, C8 Caprylic Acid & C10 Capric Acid (Powered by goMCT)

    • Low Carbohydrates

    • 13g-17g of Collagen Protein Blend per Serving

    • Organic Ingredients, No Fillers

 "A Pinch of Sweetness, Dash of Flavor, & a HEAP of Fat!."