Our Approach

Low Carb Easy | Keto Simplified

Our Approach is easy. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your health for the sake of convenience. We made Frappaketo to Cook. Bake. Or Frappe. After researching what was out there, what makes a full balanced meal and how to get all the nutrients you need in an easy-to-carry pouch. We also made it taste great. Our line of different, delicious Ketogenic blends keeps you going through even the busiest of days.

And because we realize that nutrition isn't one-size-fits-all, we offer four different flavors. With more to come soon! Something to suit every preference!



Frappaketo Fuels You...

Just add water!, Because we thought of everything else. Even on  your busiest days, Frappaketo has essential nutrients to fuel a Ketogenic lifestyle,  keeping you full for hours.

Premium Fats - Medium Chain Triglyceride (goMCT®)

Proteins - Grass Fed Collagen 

Carbohydrates - only 1-4g of sugar per meal, nearly net zero carbs

Dairy and Gluten Free



How We Like It:

3-4 ounces of Almond Milk, Half and Half or Heavy Cream

3-4 ounces of Water

2-3 ounces of Ice

Blend and Enjoy!