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Low Carb Easy | Keto Simplified

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Low Carb Easy | Keto Simplified

Our Approach is easy. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your health for the sake of convenience. We made Frappaketo to Cook. Bake. Or Frappe. After researching what was out there, what makes a full balanced meal and how to get all the nutrients you need in an easy-to-carry pouch. We also made it taste great. Our line of different, delicious Ketogenic blends keeps you going through even the busiest of days.

And because we realize that nutrition isn't one-size-fits-all, we offer four different flavors. With more to come soon! Something to suit every preference!

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Belinda H.

I LOVE this stuff, just ordered 2-4 packs and recieved one 4-pack free.... And free shipping!


I made berry cream cheesecake muffins with Frappaketo and I’m over the moon, ecstatic about them!

Tom T.

Never seen Blackberry flavor on any other Keto product out there. I didn't think it was going to be that good. Rich & Creamy with a smooth finish. Fawesome!

Stephanie K.

This is a great source of protein. Amazing support for hair, skin and joints. I try to use this 4-5 times a week.

Christina K.

I tried the peanut butter and cacao and WOW is it full of flavor and boy was it delicious!

Davinah S.

Frappaketo is so creamy and dreamy!

Mahogony G

I really enjoy Variety of the Frappaketo Samplers. These meal replacements are SO bomb! It was easy making my macros each day.

Eli M.

Whey is hard on my stomach. This stuff has clean lean Collagen Peptide Protein! Very Bioavilable & Easy on the Guts...

China F.

If you haven't tried these, what are you waiting for??? I LOVE this both blended AND over ice.


Frappaketo is so good, my husband asked me to double check the macros, lol! 

Chrissy P.

I decided to try Blueberry Cream. It was so refreshing and full of Quality ingredients!

Palmira R.

I made a chocolate cereal with Frappaketo and it came out so yummy and perfect!

Alexis R.

Frappaketo is a delicious shake that goes with my lifestyle and supports my healthy values as well covering my crazy sweet cravings. 


Frappaketo is great for my recipes. I made choc cacao pancakes and they are pillow-soft, fluffy, delicious and packed with collagen and protein.